The most frequently asked question

Q: How much will it cost? 

A: Let’s design it and see.

Q: How much do additions (or houses) cost per SF?

A: They vary greatly depending on design.  Let’s design it and see.

Q: I want a two story addition, Kitchen and Family with Master Suite above.  How much is that going to be?

A: Prices vary depending on design.  Let’s design it and see.

Q: I want a simple, straightforward addition (or new home). What is the ballpark for my addition (or new home)?

A: Costs are different for each and every project we do since each client of ours has different needs.  Let’s design it and see.

Q: I’ll give you the basics of what I want to do.  What is the price range?

A: We will need to get the basics down to an exact design.  Let’s design it and see.

Q: We know exactly what we want and can tell you everything you need to know.  Can you give us an estimate?

A: We will need to put all your ideas into a design to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  Let’s design it and see.

Q: I read in a magazine (or newspaper) that additions (or houses) should cost $[fill in the blank here].  How do these writers come up with these prices?

A: I have no idea and apparently they don’t either.

Q: If I want to skip the design process and just get a price, how can I do this?

A: You may purchase one of the homes we have for sale or you may have us tear your existing house down and build a new home from our existing portfolio of homes that are already designed and priced.

Q: I really just want/need a ballpark price before I can move forward…

A: Well, if you are still asking for a price at this point let me ask you a question — how much does a new car cost (price/cost/ballpark/estimate) that has four doors, silver paint, CD changer, leather interior, V8 engine and anti-lock brakes?  Pick your number and then scroll down…

Between $30,000.00 and $150,000.00 — not a very helpful range if you are going car shopping this weekend. 

$30,000 Honda Accord

$150,000 Mercedes S55

They both fit the description above but the price varies greatly.  What if we start varying the specifications(design)?  Then how many possibilities are there?

Our final answer – we need to produce an EXACT design specifically for your home, your needs, your desires and we can then give you an EXACT price.  Let’ design it and see.

Q: My neighbor had an independent architect design their addition and it took over 6 months to get the design completed.  What is your schedule like and how long will the design process take?

A: We meet weekly with our clients until the design is complete to their satisfaction.  This is typically a 4 or 5 week process.  We can usually begin within two weeks.

Q: Our friends had an addition/renovation project done recently and said it took over a year.  They said their builder had too many projects going at once.  How long do your construction projects take?

A: We have over 100 people working for us every day on our projects.  We typically start one project each month.  We have the capacity to build twice as much as we actually chose to.  Most take 6 to 9 months.

Q:  My sister had to wait over six months for her builder to start their addition.  What is your availability for our project?

A: We start each new project within 30 days of issuance of the building permit, as per our contract.

Q: How long will this whole process take from start to finish?

A: Varies, mostly depends on you and the design.  The design process takes less than two months.  Permit for additions can take from one week up to two months depending on the government’s permit processing office (new homes typically take 2-4 months).  We begin all projects within 30 days of issuance of building permit.  Most of our new homes and additions are 6 months to 9 months of construction.

Q: We already have plans.  Can you give us a bid?

A: Sorry, we only work from our own designs.

Q: I do not live in your area but would like you to design a home (or addition) for us.  Will you do this?

A: We only provide design and construction in our service area, which includes Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, Falls Church (Fx Co, not City) VA, and Bethesda, MD.

Q: I wish to buy a set of your plans for one of the homes you have on your website.  How can I purchase the plans?

A: Our plans are copyright protected and are not available for sale to another party.

Q: I have a brochure from another builder.  Can you design a home just like it and build it for me?

A: No, that is a federal copyright violation.  The originator of the design is the copyright owner of that design.

Q: I have my own builder.  Can I have or buy a copy of your plans or a brochure to give to my builder?

A: No, our plans are copyright protected.

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